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Ello Puppet believes that supporting our community and creating access to high-quality products are monumental factors to families living an enriched and happy life.


Our founder 


Ello Puppet was founded by Kierra during the Coronavirus pandemic. With the world seemingly in chaos between social outcries, displaced families, socio-economic disparities, and lack of product availability; there was something that needed to be done. The need for a solution became that much greater to her. There was an overwhelming sense of responsibility to create safe spaces for parents, caretakers, and children alike through safer and higher-quality product selection. It was at that moment that Ello Puppet was born.


Ello Puppet wants to remind parents of how important their roles are in the lives of their babies from birth and beyond. The best way to prepare our children for their future is to ensure we’ve provided them with the best tools available to be their better selves. 

Making great choices on brand use is a great way to set a foundational mark and a steppingstone to outlining a path for success for our babies. Just think about it, babies spend more time in diapers than in any other product or material that you may purchase. It is imperative that they are comfortable, safe and that they are in a reliable product where they spend most if not all their time until potty trained. Kierra has heard the cry and accessed the need to be as impactful as she can to all communities.


Ello Puppet understands that it takes a village, and this is another way for this company to give back. Our founder understands what it means to have a need and recognizes the importance of a support system. She often reflects on the unyielding support of her mother’s best friend who offered her support in her time of need. Ello Puppet looks forward with the eye of change but gives back with the purpose of change. In 2023, your purchases financially support high school stem students in Florida.


Allow us at Ello Puppet to serve your village!

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