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Ello Puppet is driven by our founder's theme "It Takes A Village".  We stand firm on that belief and want to extend our family to yours.  We know that everyone plays a tremendous role in caring for family; from birth to pre-school and beyond.  We also recognize that you can't put the word "family" in a box - it encompasses your community as well.  

We want to partner with individuals who are vibrant, have passion and want to share their positive experiences with Ello Puppet.  We want to hear about your journey and how Elllo Puppet works for you and those you love and care about. 

Ello Puppet wants you to have exclusive access to our new product releases, giveaways and discounts!  We're excited about featuring you on our site and our official social media profiles.  

There are a few things that we ask of our influencers but it's an easy process!


We can't wait to welcome you to the Ello Puppet Village!!

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