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Greetings everyone! I hope you are doing well! Last week I had the pleasure of attending the regional conference for Community Action Agencies in South Carolina. It was great learning how these organizations help low income individuals and families become self sufficient. The conference will be in Orlando, FL, our neck of the woods, next year.

I just would like to say thank you to our diaper subscription villagers because you keep this operation afloat while we solidify our partnerships with Community Actions. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you ❤️



My name is Theresa Ndidiamaka Redford Jr. I am a Black (Nigerian American) reborn doll artist that is working on developing reborn doll prototypes that have functional NG & G-tubes. The purpose is to increase the visibility of special needs dolls, as well as to create a potential teaching aide for people who would like to learn more about g-tube functionality and proper g-tube hygiene. I like using Ello Puppet Size 1 diapers in order to do  my test feedings, as they are lightweight, compact, and extremely absorbent. I plan on doing Size 2 diaper test feedings soon.

If anyone would like to see a video of a 60ml Test feeding using an Ello Puppet diaper, please let me know. This project has allowed me to show my love and appreciation for a Black owned business like Ello Puppet; and with my project tester taking off later this year,…



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