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My name is Theresa Ndidiamaka Redford Jr. I am a Black (Nigerian American) reborn doll artist that is working on developing reborn doll prototypes that have functional NG & G-tubes. The purpose is to increase the visibility of special needs dolls, as well as to create a potential teaching aide for people who would like to learn more about g-tube functionality and proper g-tube hygiene. I like using Ello Puppet Size 1 diapers in order to do  my test feedings, as they are lightweight, compact, and extremely absorbent. I plan on doing Size 2 diaper test feedings soon.

If anyone would like to see a video of a 60ml Test feeding using an Ello Puppet diaper, please let me know. This project has allowed me to show my love and appreciation for a Black owned business like Ello Puppet; and with my project tester taking off later this year, I hope to continue patronizing this business to do so. Thanks so much, Ello Puppet!

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